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    About volunteering

    According to the Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Volunteer Activity”, volunteer activities can be carried out by individuals who have reached the age of eighteen.

    Individuals between sixteen and eighteen years of age, with parental consent, may engage in volunteer activities, provided that they do not harm their health or moral development or disrupt their education.

    A volunteer may engage in social, cultural, environmental, sports and other types of volunteering.

    Social volunteering is a volunteer activity aimed at helping, first of all, unprotected segments of the population in need of attention and (or) constant care (assistance to orphans, large families, people with disabilities, elderly single people, homeless people, former prisoners, victims of violence, refugees and others).

    A social volunteer within the framework of INSON centers can provide assistance in the form of escorting elderly people, people with disabilities, assisting in clinics and hospitals, helping with the purchase of food and medicines, in accompanying wards to various events and much more.

    You can devote as much time to volunteering as the volunteer has desires and opportunities (a couple of hours a day, a few hours a week, a few times a month, etc.). To become a volunteer of the INSON Centers under the National Agency for Social Protection, please register on the website and follow the following steps

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