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    Mobile Reception: Addressing Appeals and Finding Solutions On-Site

    28 May, 2024


    To effectively address the concerns of the population and provide legal solutions to their issues, the National Agency of Social Protection is organizing mobile receptions in various regions.

    Recently, a working group led by Sherzod Askarov, an adviser to the Agency’s director, held a mobile reception at the “Youth Center” in Nukus. The goal was to understand and resolve the population’s problems directly.

    During the reception, various issues were addressed, including the provision of wheelchairs, enrolling individuals in the list of single elderly and disabled persons, issuing referrals to sanatoriums, calculating and assigning child care allowances, disability pensions, and other social benefits. Additionally, warrants for treatment and other similar requests were also handled.

    Many problems were resolved on the spot. For those requiring more time, responsible persons were assigned to ensure follow-up, and their progress is being monitored.

    In summary, no appeal is left unattended. These mobile receptions are crucial for identifying, addressing, and resolving issues promptly.

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