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    Meeting with Byalik Pavlo, Human Rights Adviser of the Regional Bureau for Central Asia

    22 May, 2024


    A significant meeting was held at the National Agency for Social Protection with Mr. Pavlo Byalik, Human Rights Adviser of the Regional Bureau for Central Asia of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR).

    During the meeting, the National Agency for Social Protection and the OHCHR Regional Bureau for Central Asia formalized their bilateral cooperation. Discussions centered on the analysis of legal documents in alignment with international human rights standards. Key topics included the implementation of these standards, the organization of joint capacity-building activities for social workers, and the engagement of qualified experts.

    The meeting also provided a platform for the National Agency to present detailed information on its various activities. Highlights included the systematic efforts to advance the social protection system in the country, specific measures to safeguard the rights and freedoms of individuals with disabilities, and the operations of the “Inson” social service centers and social workers in the makhallas.

    Mr. Pavlo Byalik expressed strong interest in the Agency’s initiatives. Both parties agreed to pursue collaborative efforts in the implementation of joint projects aimed at enhancing social protection and human rights in the region.

    This partnership marks a significant step forward in strengthening the social protection framework and ensuring the adherence to international human rights standards.

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