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    Discussion on Reforms for Protecting Victims of Violence and Abuse

    11 June, 2024


    We invite the editorial team of to the Agency to provide more detailed information on the reforms being carried out in the field of protecting victims of violence and abuse. In events with a large number of participants, it is not always possible to effectively discuss all the issues.

    We would like to note that during the discussions, a number of issues were presented and explained, including how the primary care rooms in the emergency departments of hospitals will be organized and operate, their current level of equipment, including security, and the requirements for them. We also discussed the ability to access the services of a psychologist and lawyer at the “Inson” district (city) social service centers without an application or order; existing social norms and stigmatization; and the availability of building norms and regulations designed to ensure accessibility of social facilities for persons with disabilities.

    At the same time, we believe that combating violence in any form should be a common goal for the population, civil society institutions, and state bodies. Therefore, the active participation of NGOs in this issue is of great importance to the Agency.

    The recording of violence cases is an important condition for developing approaches to response, planning, and improving the protection system against violence. Regarding the question of how appeals to the local police officer (prevention inspector) at the place of residence, to whom victims of violence often turn, will be registered, it was explained that both the local police officer and the 102 service register all appeals and maintain records within the system of internal affairs bodies. The issue of fully and qualitatively fulfilling the duties and job descriptions remains relevant, however, the gradual digitalization of administrative processes should improve practices in this regard.

    Another urgent issue is the identification and registration of victims of violence and abuse in accordance with the legislation, which should be considered based on the specific tasks of state bodies and organizations. For example, issuing a protection order is preceded by measures to identify both the victim and the aggressor, which include establishing their identity and the violence committed. For providing the consultation services of a psychologist and lawyer at the “Inson” center, it is necessary to conduct an initial and then comprehensive assessment in accordance with social work methodology. The rehabilitation center for victims of violence provides services at the republican level when there is a protection order and an individual rehabilitation program.

    The issue of socialization is central to the Agency’s activities and is largely connected with the main goals of social services, which are currently enshrined in the drafted regulatory legal acts. In a broad sense, socialization issues include creating the necessary conditions for the full realization of the social rights of citizens provided by law. In particular, the state is taking measures aimed at improving the quality of life of socially vulnerable groups of the population, creating conditions for their full participation in social and public life, and expanding their opportunities to independently meet their basic life needs. Equally important are the tasks of helping citizens out of difficult life situations, ensuring their resilience to future crises, and expanding their rights and opportunities.

    During the roundtable, participants were informed that the Agency is primarily working on training and improving the qualifications of social workers, and plans to conduct online courses for interested ministries and departments in the future.

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