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    A video selector meeting was held to discuss priority tasks in the field of social protection

    20 February, 2024


    On February 20, under the chairmanship of President Shavkat Mirziyoyev, a video selector meeting was held to discuss priorities in the field of social protection.

    Article 1 of the Constitution of our country states that Uzbekistan is a social state. Accordingly, on June 1, 2023, a decree on providing high-quality social services and assistance to the population was adopted, and the National Agency for Social Protection was established under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

    During the past period, the experience of more than ten countries was thoroughly studied, and qualified experts were involved. According to the analyzes conducted on this basis, this industry remained in the system of 30 years ago, and was only engaged in distributing the money allocated by the state. This has taught some people to wait for help and not to recover.

    For example, 300,000 working-age people have been paid continuous benefits. Not enough attention has been paid to bringing disabled people back to life through medical and social rehabilitation and vocational training.

    The head of our state emphasized the need to radically reform this system, to ensure the targeting and effectiveness of social assistance.

    It is not possible to work in general in this field. Every family and human fate should be approached individually and professionally. If the social service is implemented properly, poverty in the neighborhood will decrease sharply, citizens with disabilities will also find their place in society, – said Shavkat Mirziyoyev.

    Priority tasks in this regard were determined at the meeting. First of all, the issues of organizing social service and assistance at the neighborhood level were considered.

    In recent months, as a result of address research of low-income families and making the system transparent, families with fixed income have been removed from this category. On the contrary, 2,000 people living alone who need the care of others have been provided assistance.

    In general, 250 services are covered by the social protection system, but the residents of the neighborhood do not know even half of them.

    Therefore, from June 1, the procedure for identifying people in need of social protection and the system of working with them will change. In this case, the criteria for determining the needy category will be developed and exactly what kind of help they need will be determined. There will be an individual program of social services for each of those in need.

    A single questionnaire will be introduced in this regard. No matter which representative of the “neighborhood seven” enters the house, problems and opportunities in the family are identified and a “social portrait” is drawn. After the help, what has changed in the apartment is monitored.

    Here it is not about reducing funds, it is about giving it to the owner – the real needy and getting them back on their feet.

    Another important point is that all social services in the neighborhood will be gradually provided through a social service contract. In this case, both the service provider and the recipient of assistance undertake an obligation.

    Now, first of all, the families of those who have disabilities, have no parents, who have lost their breadwinners, who cannot work for a long time due to illness or other reasons will be included in the list of pension recipients. When entering other citizens into the “social register”, not only their income, but also their expenses are assessed.

    From October 1 of this year, all social assistance provided to the population will be financed through the “social card”. Next year, multidisciplinary social service centers for rehabilitation, rehabilitation and training of caregivers of disabled people will be launched in 40 districts.

    At the meeting, special attention was paid to the interests of people with disabilities.

    Uzbekistan joined the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in 2021. A number of benefits have been given to enterprises and organizations employing such persons.

    But many institutions, streets and stations are not adapted for movement of people with disabilities. Due to the lack of facilities in schools and colleges, parents are forced to place their children with disabilities in special boarding schools far away. It is very difficult for the family, especially for the child.

    Therefore, now there will be a national system for training, employment and involvement of people with disabilities in sports. In order to create a barrier-free environment for people with disabilities to work and study for a profession, the practice of “determining their ability to work” will be abandoned. In this case, disability is defined not according to the disease, but according to the individual’s independent movement, ability to communicate and participation in social life.

    Medical rehabilitation rooms will be established in district central hospitals. Prosthetics will be provided from 18 types to 30 types, and the allocated funds will be increased by 1.5 times. Such tools can be obtained from home, using a voucher, online or through the “Inson” center from any manufacturer.

    The designer of construction of buildings and facilities is also subjected to a mandatory examination on the creation of a comfortable environment for people with disabilities. Measures will be taken to create a barrier-free environment for them in public transport, stations and intersections.

    Entrepreneurs who have 50% of their employees with disabilities will be given the opportunity to sign direct contracts with state customers. 4 specialized schools that prepare such persons for the profession are attached to the industrial sectors. Products made by people with disabilities based on home and crafts will be sold through the electronic platform.

    A sports development association is established, and people with disabilities are involved in public sports starting from the neighborhood. Artistic works are created that inspire hope and self-confidence in people in need of social protection.

    Tasks for raising children in need of parental love were also defined.

    Now local social workers deal with issues of guardianship and sponsorship, children deprived of parental care. For this purpose, the Trusteeship and Sponsorship Commissions under the governorships will be abolished, and their authority will be transferred to “Inson” centers from August 1.

    A system of “specialized foster family” will be introduced to take care of orphaned and unsupervised children. In 160 specialized educational institutions, “care” groups are gradually being organized.

    The system of helping young men and women who have lost their parents will also change. Now, on the basis of the “Accompaniment to Youth” program, their support is determined up to the age of 23.

    Social and legal assistance centers for minors in the internal affairs system will be reorganized as “School of Life”. They will be turned into a place that provides comprehensive services for adapting children with difficult upbringing to social life.

    The housing system for orphans and children left without parental care will also be revised. In this case, the “Inson” centers create a list of young people who really need housing. The price of the housing provided to them is determined based on the market price and is determined by region.

    Officials were instructed to provide housing for orphans who are currently in the waiting list.

    It was noted that women and children who suffered violence were not sufficiently covered by rehabilitation. Therefore, in this regard, a separate system will be created at the neighborhood level. To support young mothers in difficult situations and to prevent babies from becoming orphans, the “Mothers’ Shelter” service is being established. Also, round-the-clock rooms will be opened in district hospitals to provide medical and psychological assistance to victims of violence.

    At the meeting, the Prime Minister, officials of the sector and khokims gave information about the plans for organizing the work.

    If we want to ensure social justice and human dignity in our society, we should effectively use this new system on the ground and give help and hope to people in need, – said the President.

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