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    What kind of documents are required for the Medical-Psychological-Pedagogical Commission Examination?

    24 June, 2024


    To undergo examination by the Medical-Psychological-Pedagogical Commission (MPPC) located under the administrations of the National Agency for Social Protection of the Republic of Karakalpakstan, the regions, and the city of Tashkent, the following documents are required.

    To obtain an MPPC conclusion, legal representatives can submit an application to the “Inson” social services centers at their place of residence (or in a convenient location for them) or through social workers assigned to the makhalla.

    The application is submitted electronically, and legal representatives (the child’s parents or officially designated legal guardian) are required to provide the following documents to attach to the application:

    ⏺️A detailed extract from the child’s development history, signed by the chief physician of the treatment and prevention institution;

    ⏺️A specialist’s conclusion depending on the child’s diagnosis: a psychoneurologist’s conclusion approved in accordance with the legislative documents (only for children with speech, psychological, and mental development disorders);

    ⏺️A certificate and characteristics from the educational institution containing information on the duration of education, academic performance in subjects, the child’s behavior, and a detailed analysis of measures taken to provide individual assistance to the child (for children who have studied in educational institutions);

    ⏺️A school progress report (for children attending school when transferring from one school to another);

    ⏺️A conclusion from the Medical-Social Expert Commission on the child’s disability (if available);

    ⏺️Previous MPPC conclusion (if available)

    More detailed information can be found at the following link.

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