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    "Ona Uyi" resource center organized a training seminar for employees of "Inson" social services center

    2 July, 2024


    During the training, which was held based on the Memorandum of Cooperation signed between the National Agency of Social Protection and the resource center “Mother’s House,” the aim was to identify children and women in difficult social situations, provide them with primary assistance, and find a positive solution to the situation through case management. The training focused on imparting knowledge and skills related to these objectives.

    Additionally, real case experiences were studied during the training, and instructions were provided on their implementation.

    Currently, the “Mother’s House” resource center project has been established as an experiment in the city of Tashkent, with plans to gradually launch it in all regions in the future.

    ✅ For information:

    👩‍👩‍👧‍👦 Who will be helped at the Mother’s House resource center:
    ⏺️ Women who are giving birth to their first child starting from the 6th month of pregnancy;
    ⏺️ Women with children under 4 years of age;
    ⏺️ Pregnant women who are about to give up their children.

    What types of support are available:

    ⏺️ Living in the “Mother’s House” resource center;
    ⏺️ Psychological support;
    ⏺️ Medical assistance;
    ⏺️ Assistance in restoring documents and ensuring rights;
    ⏺️ Education;
    ⏺️ Practical training and employment assistance.

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