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    M. Olloyorov reviewed the construction processes and projects of the "Inclusive Center for the Development of Children's Creativity" in the Urgench district

    15 June, 2024


    The center aims to develop inclusive education, provide handicraft therapy through vocational training for children and young people with disabilities and those in need of social protection, develop their abilities, and assist in their full integration into society. The center offers free services for children and young people aged 6 to 30 with disabilities and those in need of social protection. The activities are conducted throughout the year.

    The center plans to offer classes in the following areas:

    • early development groups;
    • defectology;
    • psychology;
    • pottery;
    • painting;
    • sculpture;
    • weaving;
    • beadwork;
    • jewelry making;
    • straw art;
    • IT professions;
    • national vocal instruments;
    • English language.

    During his review of the construction processes, the Agency’s Director put forward his suggestions and emphasized that this center must truly meet the expectations. He noted the importance of creating a comfortable environment for the children. It was stressed that this center should teach them to love life, their country, and their family, and serve as a foundation for achieving their goals.

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