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    An international conference on "Strengthening the Principles of Social Justice in Uzbekistan through the Integration of Employment and Social Protection" was held in Tashkent

    9 July, 2024


    The conference was attended by representatives of the International Labour Organization, the Senate of the Oliy Majlis of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the National Agency for Social Protection under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan, the Federation of Trade Unions, the Confederation of Employers of Uzbekistan, the Ministry of Poverty Reduction and Employment, scholars, and specialists.

    Speech by the Director of the National Agency for Social Protection under the President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Mansurbek Olloyorov at the international conference on the topic “Strengthening the principles of social justice in Uzbekistan through the integration of employment and social protection”:

    The field of social protection of the population in our country has been elevated to the level of “national policy.”

    For the first time, the activity of social workers was organized in mahallas. The work with families in need of social protection on the basis of a comprehensive approach (case management method) was defined as the main direction of the social worker.

    In this case, the main goal was to work using the strengths and resources of the family.

    At the mahalla level, 49 social services and types of assistance were brought to 12 categories of families in need of social protection.

    It is impossible to reform the social protection system and establish professional and comprehensive social services without studying advanced foreign experience.

    In particular, the integration of social protection and employment programs is the solution for bringing a number of contingents in need of social protection out of difficult life situations.

    Currently, we are implementing comprehensive programs to support socially disadvantaged families and persons with disabilities, increase their employment, ensure the economic and social independence of women who have been subjected to violence and oppression, and accompany orphans and children left without parental care in their independent life.

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